Ironman 2017. It’s Happening!

There are several peeps in my life who are triathletes. And I have mad respect for them. But it’s not something I’ve ever aspired to do…

Until it was.

#swimbikerun starts NOW!

The open swim part of an Ironman is what generally intimidates athletes from crossing over into Tri territory.  And I will be honest…it legitimately scares the HECK out of me. Mostly because I don’t know how to swim. BUT I have 8ish months to learn. That’s enough time right? (You can lie to me. In fact please do lie to me. The only acceptable answer here is Yes.)

As for the cycling part, I can do that. It will take some concentrated training but overall I feel optimistic about the cycling portion.

As for the running part, I need to practice doing back to back multi sports, but the running endurance piece is already pretty solid.

I decided to Vlog my Journey to the Ironman Finish line. Nothing fancy of course because I suck at fancy. Plus fancy videos take a ton of time…and I’d rather do other things… like #swimbikerun.  🙂

So I promised myself I’d Vlog random video updates

  • In ONE take
  • Under 3 minutes.
  • And no extra primping to look “nice” for the camera. Just quickly record an update when I have a spare 3 minutes.

So the technically unimpressive videos will be the real and raw version of myself (which heads up that occasioanlly includes cussing…apologies) sharing thoughts about IM training.

Training week 1

This week I spent 2 hours at a bike shop learning all things about the cycling part of a Triathlon while my two year old tried on every single helmet and rearranged all the shoes. The nice (looking) guy there was incredibly patient with me. He very quickly realized I was pretty clueless about gear. And even though he accommodated me by speaking (mostly) English, it still felt like a foreign language at times. But he explained things very thoroughly. I asked some ridiculous questions and said some pretty silly stuff out of complete inexperience. And we laughed a bunch. Like really hard a few times. Tears streaming.

The only purchase I ended up making that day was a helmet BUT I left there with a fatty quote for all the gear we looked at. Holy cannoli! Talk about a (potentially) spendy hobby. (Did someone say cannoli? YUM!)

At this point I don’t want to get too invested in gear because I don’t know how much I will enjoy the world of Tri’s. I might be a “one and done” kind of girl? My hubby has a race bike that I could probably make work. We tweaked it a bit to fit me and I took it for a 55k spin the other day to test it out. If I do use it I want to add “layers” (look at me throwing out bike terminology!).

Oh and just for a minute can I grope about how awful and ugly tri clothing is!

A friend sent me a picture of sports clothing that was for sale thinking I might be interested in purchasing.

Me: Uhhhh that’s butt ugly, What would I wear that for???

Friend: It’s a TriSuit

Me: I don’t get it. Am I swimming in it? Or cycling in it? Cuz I know I’m not running in that.

Friend: In a Tri you do all 3 sports in the same clothing.

Me: Ohhhh…well then I better find something super cute to wear!

Clearly I have priorities.  I don’t care how long it takes me to finish but #iwantacutetrisuit. Haha!


Different conversation with the same friend:

Me: Do I really need special shoes to ride a bike?

Friend: Oh Yeah. You need click pedals. You will for sure fall from your bike.

Me: They keep you from falling? Wait. I’m going to fall on my bike? What?!?!

So I literally googled “falling on a bike with click pedals” to see what he was talking about. Then watched some youtube videos on it. Crap. It seems all rookies fall when learning to unclick.

But it’s okay. I can fall. I will pick my sorry butt up and keep on trucking… because I am going to Ironman Maastricht on August 6!  

Week 2 of training will involve:         1. Buying a bathing suit and             2. Signing up for swim lessons. #blindsquirrel

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