Ironman Training Updates

As promised: Random video updates about my Ironman Journey. Nothing fancy. In one take only. Not scripted. Not rehearsed. Not getting dolled up for the camera. No editing. Just the real me. Rambling on about this process and experience.

Why? Well to document for myself.  But then also maybe…just maybe there’s someone out there who’s interested in completing an Ironman but is nervous or intimidated about signing up or training for one . And they stumble upon this humble little blog and find encouragement in me sharing my experience.  Even if ONE person is impacted by sharing, the universe shifts.  So I nudge YOU to share YOUR stories. Whatever they may be. There are people interested in what YOU are doing. I’m probably one of them. 🙂

Week 2ish: Kicking off Friday in STYLE! Watch the whole the video and you’ll see. 🙂


Week 3ish. 4:30am Chit chat in my Jammies and Coffee. Yawn. Stretch. Rub eyes.





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