fitafter SARAH

Hi Peeps! Sarah here.

While I’d much rather be talking about YOU, here’s a brief bit about me:

  • I am a mama to four supercool kidlets. All boys. All super full of spunk and energy. Their shenanigans make me laugh. Daily.
sarah 2
My four fierce pirates…arrrrg!
sarah 3
37 weeks pregnant with baby #4
  • I am married to a man I met when I was 15. Yeah, I’ve known him more than half my life. Dude, did I just call myself old?


  • I like to run. I like to run far. I am not fast. I am not competitive. I just like to run! Why? It’s my sanctuary; my place of escape and clarity. Mothering little ones means constant interruptions…physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It can be downright draining. I find whenever I am depleted; a long run can completely restore and rejuvenate me.  Running is the space in my life where I experience “flow”.  Things are fluid; both movement and thoughts. This is essential in cultivating my creative spirit.


sarah 5
An ultra through the Ardennes


  • I started running consistently after the birth of my second son as a way to get back into shape.  I enjoyed it more than I imagined I would. I found myself wanting to go further and further on my runs. I had the goal of running a half marathon (and secretly wanted to run a marathon but that distance felt completely daunting to me).  I got pregnant with my third and continued to run during his pregnancy. After he was born, I did eventually run a half marathon. Then a few marathons. And then a few ultramarathons. To date the longest distance I have completed is 100 miles. It was a beautiful course from Flagstaff Arizona to the Grand Canyon. It was truly a blessed experience although I had a surprisingly hard time recovering from it. The week that followed I was insanely hungry and completely exhausted. But I soon realized it was because I was pregnant and not necessarily from the race itself. I attempted another 100 mile race when my 4th son was 8 months old.  And a 155mile race when he was 18ish months old. Currently my favorite distance is 100k (or 62miles). It’s a challenging distance for sure but the training and recovery is manageable (as opposed to a 100 miler). I don’t actually know how many races I’ve completed of various distances because well I never bothered to keep track.
  • I like to be active!  An average training week for me generally looks like this: 6 days a week of cross training (HIIT style and lifting weights). I intermix cardio 3 to 4x a week. Usually one fartlek, one short run, and one long run and then supplement with stairclimber, eliptical, or inclined treadmill 1x a week. If I am in full ultra training mode, I would up the mileage significantly and also include some back to back long runs and/or doubles.  I live in the Netherlands and a unique part of the lifestyle here is that cycling is the primary mode of transportation. This means I get a lot of incidental cross training by biking everywhere. I also just recently signed up for my first Ironman so I am going to add more serious distance cycling and swimming to my week.
sarah 7
Messing around in the Rocky Mountains
sarah 6
Crosstraining in my home garage gym



  • I have had dreadlocks. They do not define me in any way. Yet they tell an important story. I’ll share it with you someday. Promise.


  • I get asked a lot about my nutrition. I am a vegetarian and have been for over 20 years. I don’t care if you eat meat. Doesn’t offend me in the least. So eat what you like! I eat a mostly “clean” diet, but kind of follow the 80%/20% mindset. 80% of the time I eat super duper healthy, nourishing whole foods. (but I won’t eat something just because it’s deemed “healthy” Tasting good is top criteria! I believe food is meant to be enjoyed! So no you won’t see me gag down gross ish I don’t like.) Then 20% of the time I just eat whatever. This may be because of a social event, or that I am out and about eating on the run with limited choices available, or maybe I just want a damn donut that day. I do track my macros (I use myfitnesspal) because food and nutrition are kinda important to me. Macros AND Micros people!
sarah 4
Getting high at over 14,000 feet

There might be more interesting (or not so interesting) things to share… 

but that’s all my brain can squeak out for now. 

Peace and love y’all.