Often times when see someone who is strong, healthy, and fit we mistakenly assume “ah, they are just naturally lucky to be in such great shape”. BUT more often than not there is a powerful story behind a person’s dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle. Something along the way in life prompted them to commit to caring for themselves.  A  catalyst. Could be….

Cancer. Pregnancy. Divorce.

Surgery. Injury. Obesity. Diagnosis.

 Loss. Addiction. Depression. Age.

You get the idea. 

Fitafter is a place to share enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration for wherever YOU are on YOUR journey to wellness. We are each on our own individual path, BUT we can certainly support one another, delight in each other’s triumphs, and celebrate milestones together! 

Meet some of the amazing peeps in the fitafter FAMILY who have been through incredible transformations. These are individuals who have met or exceeded their goals.Their stories carry plenty of LEGIT GRIT. Plus their dedication to a healthy and fit lifestyle is sure to motivate!